Texas PSR on COVID-19 May 8, 2020

The board and staff at Texas PSR have been closely following the pandemic as it challenges the health and economic well-being of some of our most vulnerable Texans.

Many Texans are contracting the virus and many more have lost employment. The health and economic consequences of the pandemic are still unfolding but what is clear is that we need to reduce the spread of COVID-19 while making wise decisions about how we restart the economy.

Our response should also address the needs of low-income individuals, homeless persons, and persons of color. These groups have been disproportionately affected and in many cases lack access to the basic necessities that help prevent acquiring the virus. These individuals are also some of those at the highest risk for contracting and spreading the infection. Our state legislators and local government officials must do more to protect these vulnerable populations especially as the state is rapidly opening for business and social engagement.