peace and justice

A Conversation with Annie Jacobsen

May 16, 2024

Texas PSR co-sponsors this virtual (Zoom) event with Annie Jacobsen, investigative journalist and New York Times bestselling author of Nuclear War: A Scenario.

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LTE: Heartening progress on nuclear warhead freeze

October 18, 2020

Re: Oct. 10 article, “US, Russia said close to deal on nuclear warhead freeze.” Hidden on an inner page of today’s Statesman, there was a glimmer of hope in a…

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Statement on Police Violence and Systemic Racism

June 3, 2020

The murder of George Floyd and other acts of violence against people of color are exposing the damage caused by institutional racism. Texas Physicians for Social Responsibility (Texas PSR) stands…

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Sounding the Alarm on Climate Change, 1989 and 2019

January 15, 2020

Alexander Leaf, one of the founders of  Physicians for Social Responsibility, called on physicians to extend their vision beyond the clinic. Now, as the climate crisis continues to unfold, the…

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Physicians for Social Responsibility Official Statement

January 3, 2020

Physicians for Social Responsibility: The U.S. Assassination of Major General Qassem Suleimani Underscores the Urgent Need to Reenter the Iran Deal

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Standing up for Human Rights

June 23, 2018

Children’s rights are human rights and human rights are children’s rights. We have an innate understanding of what is right and what is wrong. Regardless of politics or immigration policy,…

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