LTE: Heartening progress on nuclear warhead freeze October 18, 2020

Re: Oct. 10 article, “US, Russia said close to deal on nuclear warhead freeze.”

Hidden on an inner page of today’s Statesman, there was a glimmer of hope in a dark time. U.S. and Russian diplomats are coming together to discuss a freeze on nuclear warheads. The New START treaty expires in February, and this compact would be strengthened by this addition. Consideration is being made to include China, which is heartening.

The current number of missiles and nuclear warheads adds to the possibility of accidental nuclear war. We have been extraordinarily lucky over the last 70 years that the accidents that have occurred never turned into an unintended nuclear conflagration.

There are multiple existential threats to the future of humans on Earth. While this one has been largely forgotten, Physicians for Social Responsibility has been working since 1961 on this problem. We are thankful to see some progress.

Elliot Trester, MD, Board of Texas Physicians for Social Responsibility, Austin