Choose Humanity! No Nukes

  • Choose Humanity! No Nukes

The nuclear weapons danger is real and growing—nuclear terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and the thousands of weapons still on hair-trigger alert in the United States and Russia put the planet at risk. Nuclear weapons are too destructive, too dangerous. We need to eliminate them altogether.

The Ploughshares Fund reports:

The Cold War is long gone, but the nuclear threat remains. Though the chance of any nation intentionally launching its nuclear arsenal is low, “the real nuclear threat to America is an accident,” says the deputy commander of U.S. nuclear forces. Since inventing the atomic bomb, the U.S. alone has had dozens of nuclear near misses, including dropping two live bombs on North Carolina. In 1995, Russia almost launched its missiles at the U.S. when it thought it was under attack. The longer we keep thousands of nuclear weapons in fallible human hands, the greater the risk becomes of a catastrophe beyond historical experience.

Awareness of the risks posed by nuclear weapons has lessened among the public even as many national security experts continue to point to them as a top threat to international security. In the video below, Dr. Ira Helfand speaks about the humanitarian consequences of these weapons and urges action to help make sure that nuclear weapons will never be used.

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